A Fairytale Wedding

A wedding is one of the biggest day of every woman’s life, and if you want to feel like royalty, you should make that happen. Fairytale weddings are trend that never seems to die, and why would they? Fairytale weddings are as close to a fairytale as possible.

Check out this of list ideas to complete your fairytale wedding.

Getting married in a castle. Getting married in a castle or in the beautiful grounds of a castle, is one of the best ways to complement your fairytale wedding. Guests will be impressed at the magnificent castle, and you will feel like a true princess.

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Twinkling lights. Lights draped over tree branches with just a few hanging down will add romance to your wedding, and make it more like a fairytale than ever. Another great idea is to hang tea light candles in beautiful candle holders from trees.

More than one flower girl. This wedding idea is one that is sure to make you feel like a princess. Instead of only one flower girl and ring bearer, include up to ten. Ensure that each flower girl has plenty of petals to completely cover the aisle. If ten flower girls isn’t enough to make you feel like a princess, the breathtaking aisle of flower petals is sure to make you feel like royalty.

Horses. Riding into your ceremony on a horse, or maybe having the groom ride in on a white horse is the ideal romantic gesture. If that’s a bit much for you, you can still feel like a princess by riding to your ceremony in a beautiful, pumpkin shaped carriage. Princesses, princes and horses seem to go hand in hand with each other. Pumpkin shaped carriages are available for rent at many horse draw carriage facilities.

Velvet and jewels. Everything from ring bearer pillows to guest books can be ordered in velvet. These can also be custom ordered to be decorated with a jewel or two. If you wedding is still a ways off and you would like to save some money, check out some great DIY options to cover a book in velvet or to make your own pillow.

Roses. It is impossible to have too many roses in a romantic wedding. In addition to the rose petal covered aisle, your bouquet can also include roses. Other options include: roses at the end of seating aisles, center pieces with roses or rose petals, ruffled skirts for chairs and tables and each bridesmaid having a beautiful bouquet that includes roses.

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Every bride has that one dream wedding idea. For many, they want to feel like a princess or a queen. Some other great ideas include fairytale themed wine glasses, candle holders, cake cutters and more! Use these ideas and some of your own to transform a basic wedding day into a day of whimsical bliss. You’ll feel like a true princess on the one day that you should!


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