EIP Insurance

EIP Insurance

EIP | Commercial Portraits

Here’s a few images from our recent shoot with EIP Insurance.

EIP was established in 2004 and is a global expert in the design-and-build of highly successful mobile device insurance.

Their offices in Castletown has a private courtyard, this gave us an excellent location for their images.

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Siobhan & Lee | Engagement Shoot

Engagement Photography | Isle of Man | Siobhan & Lee

Here’s a selection of our favourite images from Siobhan & Lee’s engagement shoot.

The scenery down at Niarbyl is always beautiful, and the evening we were there with Siobhan & Lee we were also treated to beautiful skies and the most amazing hazy sunset.

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If you’d like to see all of their images from the shoot, please take a look at their gallery here:

If you’ve recently got engaged, then please do contact us, as we’d love to chat about your plans for the big day.



Here’s a few images from our first shoot with plan.com. It’s been fantastic working with the team at plan.com

They’re a company that really thinks outside the box when it comes to advertising campaigns. These images were taken as part of a three day shoot across the Island.

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Quinn Legal

Over the past few weeks we’ve been photographing the team down at Quinn Legal in preparation for their rebranding and launch of new website. We’ve created some new portraits of the staff to compliment the style of the new website..

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Commercial Photography

Commercial Photography | Isle of Man

Why let your products whisper when they can shout?


It takes just 4 seconds for visitors to decide whether to stay and learn more about your business or look elsewhere; so what better way is there to attract their attention than with the instant impact of a professional image.

It’s well known that a stand out image can MAKE an advertising campaign. A really great photo of your product can attract the viewer and will be the one thing they remember after turning the page or clicking away. Advertising photography should play a main part in your marketing material in order to encourage your customers to choose your business over the competition.

But what is commercial photography anyway?

It can include all types of photography; from products and commercial office, fit outs to food photography or images showcasing your company identity.

The artistic images we create can be used to promote, market and sell your business’s products and services in not only printed media but online as well. Most of our commercial projects are captured on site, either at your offices or at locations where your products truly shine.

As professional photographers with a corporate background, we understand how important it is that your products really showcase what you do and enhance your corporate brand. We’re proud of our strong command of photographic styles, including portraiture, photojournalism and editorial photography, guaranteeing our images will reflect your brand and brief first time.

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Commercial Portraits

How Commercial Portraits Can Help Your Business Stand Out

In these heavy stock image times, a bespoke portfolio of staff images can help you and your business stand out from the crowd.  As human beings, we tend to make buying decisions with our eyes, if it doesn’t look good, we move on quickly. This is where commercial portraits can get your customers attention, separating you from your competition and generating sales.

A great business portrait is a very valuable tool in marketing your brand. Our detailed approach gets to the core of your commercial ethos and branding by creating images that give a really genuine feel for the services you offer and your company identity.

Commercial photography commissions see us working with businesses across the Isle of Man and the UK.  We create image portfolios that really get to the heart and ethos of each client’s business.  It’s about creating a bespoke library of images that our clients can use for all of their marketing needs.

As professionals, we find a great way to build a level of trust and confidence with existing and potential clients is to use business portraits online. A great business portrait will build trust and enhance your professional image online. Think of it this way; people like to be able to see who you are and feel like they can connect with you.

There are varying types of commercial portraits, from official head shots and laid back characteristic commercial portraits, through to business portraits of employees carrying out their day to day duties. These shots may be of individuals, teams or even large group shots of everyone.

Whatever the commercial portrait required, our friendly and relaxed approach ensures everyone in the business is relaxed resulting in some really engaging portraits.

There are a lot of flexibility and options with commercial portraits, with our rate depending upon your specific needs and any unique requirements. So contact us today. We will be happy to talk through your requirements with you.

Vannin Capital

This months shoot at Vannin Capital I was there to photograph Tom McDonald, a solicitor of the Supreme Courts of New South Wales, Australia.

Tom was only on the Island for the day, before heading over to London, then back off to Australia.

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Professional Headshots

How to Rock a Professional Headshot and Why It’s Important to Have One.


The headshot. One of the most important marketing tools for the digital age. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, then surely underestimating the importance of a professional headshot could be career suicide.

Your headshot should be your calling card. A skilled photographer is worth their weight in gold, and even if you’re in the job market or looking to take your business to the next level, professional headshots can make a massive difference to whether people pick up the phone and work with you.

So spend the money. It’s worth it. You don’t just pay a photographer for their ability to use lavish equipment. You pay a photographer for their expertise in the way they position and direct you to evoke those sincere, unprompted expressions which make you look approachable, friendly, yet professional.

A well-taken headshot can turn a standard black and white resume into a real-life human being; not just words on a page. When a potential opportunity comes along, this could be the very thing that makes you shine above the very people you are competing against.

So invest in your appearance. There’s nothing wrong with a casual photo, but employing a skilled photographer ensures you look your best for the individuals you need to influence the most.

Be natural. Attractiveness is subjective; what people really want to see is the confidence the person conveys in their photo. Purchase a nice outfit, something you would wear to an interview, and be confident that you’re worth every penny of it! Wrinkles and all.

An expertly taken headshot ultimately shows people you care about the details. It looks professional, captures you in a confident light, and creates a good first impression; especially when you’re more likely to be meeting new people for the first time online, instead of face to face.

For more information about our business headshots, why not contact us today.

Aston International

Aston International

We were recently commissioned for a shoot with the staff at Aston International. These images will be then used on the new website to celebrate their 35th anniversary.


The Anchorage | Isle of Man

The Anchorage, a majestic home situated in the heart of Maughold, over looking the sea. I photographed this property on behalf of Manx Move who are dealing with the sale of this distinguished home.