Portrait Photography | Isle of Man

It was an absolutely glorious day! We had already planned the session and knew we we’re after a studio beauty shoot.

It would have been much easier creating these images in the studio and I would of had full control of the light, but it was a glorious day and would of been a shame to hide indoors, plus I do love a challenge. This also meant the whole creative team could enjoy the sun. Living on the Isle of Man you really do have to make the most of the warmer weather. That amazing feeling of it warming your skin makes me smile just thinking about it!

Our models for this shoot were sisters Zoe and Rosie. We had beautiful jewellery from Charles Alexander, hair by the extremely talented Natalie from Utopia and makeup by the wonderful Charlotte Easton.

We spent the afternoon shooting and battling the harsh and fast changing lighting conditions, but I think you will agree the results are simply beautiful.

Experimenting with light has always been one of the fascinating elements of portrait photography, I thrive to learn and always enjoy challenging myself.

Portrait Photography Portrait Photography Portrait_Photography-3 Portrait Photography Portrait Photography
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Photographer: Sarah Jewell 
Models: Zoe & Rosie
Makeup: Charlotte Easton Isle of Man Makeup Artist
Hair : Natalie – Utopia Hair
Jewellry: Charles Alexander
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