Boudoir photo shoots are a great treat for yourself or even your husband to be! Boudoir photography has become an increasingly hot wedding and anniversary trend as women gift gorgeous images of themselves to their fiancés and husbands.

But, I bet a lot of you are unsure of boudoir photography as it’s still a fairly new genre. Boudoir isn’t just about taking your clothes. You can reveal as little or as much as you like. Feeling great and looking sexy doesn’t mean you need to wear a red corset and a pearl necklace…. It’s far from it!

Besides from working with a professional, you feel comfortable with, here our my top tips for feeling good and looking fabulous on your shoot!

1.Have Your Hair and makeup professionally styled
Having your hair and makeup professionally styled finishes the entire look of the shoot, and I encourage my clients to go out for dinner or a night out after the shoot to show off their stunning hair and makeup.

2.Select clothes that you feel comfortable in
Reveal as much or a little as you wish. Sexy doesn’t always have to mean less clothing. You can have a boudoir shoot without even having to wear lingerie items. A gorgeous knitted jumper, cosy bed sock, even a vest and some shorts. You need to feel you and be comfortable, and you’ll feel and look fabulous!


3.Music To Set the Mood. I love to have music playing in the background that is upbeat and makes you feel good and help you relax. Get your iPod full of your favourite tunes to help you get into the mood.

Boudoir Photography Isle of Man

Photoshoots make a great gift for yourself, for your groom to be or for your lucky Valentine. Please feel free to contact me for more information.