Great friends who are up for a laugh! No dramatic types need to apply!

Also friends who get emotional after few drinks… I bet that list is getting smaller already hey?

Ok, so I’m going to put it out there! You don’t need to ask your sister to be your bridesmaid!

I was that bratty little sister that was my sisters bridesmaid; I was a little sh*t moaned about everything, whinged about the dress, my hair and went horse riding at silly o’clock on the morning of the wedding while being under strict instructions not to.
Then fast forward several years later my other sister gets married, we’re we her bridesmaids…. NOPE, did we mind… NOPE, it was great! Honestly family drama is one less thing to add to on the day. Select supportive friends not bratty little sisters like me! Seriously you will thank me!

Wedding Isle of Man

I’m not saying don’t have sisters, cousins and sister in laws, but if there is that chance of drama or you’re just asking them to tick a box, hey why bother it’s your day. I’ve read so many blogs about wedding day etiquette and believe me, I’ve seen the ugly behinds the scenes of following ‘etiquette’. I have been to many wedding were sisters and cousin clearly not wanting to be part of the bridal party. Pick wisely! You want bridesmaids who are going to have fun and willing to help you out.

So now the list of potentials is getting smaller, these people who are still left are in with a chance of being one of your bridesmaids!

Just because someone asked you to be their bridesmaids doesn’t mean you need to return the favour but equally if they’re great friends and your questioning this statement, hell yeah they’ve made it through.

I recently photographed an amazing wedding with the best group of supportive, fun, and upbeat bridesmaids they would have done anything for their bride. They were incredible!

They helped her into her dress; they knew the schedule, made her feel special and made it all about her. They avoided any drama or if anything popped up, they dealt with it. They even helped round up guests for the group shots (extra bonus points from me) then they danced all night.


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