Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress can be a huge headache. First, you want a dress that flatters everyone. Then, you also have to keep in mind everyone else’s complexion, skin tone, hair colour, height, etc. The more bridesmaids you have, the bigger the hassle it all seems to turn into, especially when you are trying to make everyone happy.

Here are some tips and tricks to finding the perfect dress for your bridesmaids.

Let them choose their own style. If your bridesmaids are various sizes and heights, it may be a great idea to let them choose their own style. Select the colour and fabric, and then let them choose whether they would like the dress short or long, etc. Your bridesmaids will all look similar, yet will still be wearing something flattering.

Evening gowns. The classic floor length look of evening gowns looks amazing on everyone. Shorter bridesmaids will still look fantastic, and heavier bridesmaids will still feel glamorous. You can also switch around the straps or sleeve length on this style to guarantee that your bridesmaids will still look great.

Add some variety. If you are not a fan of every bridesmaid choosing their own style, yet you know they won’t all look great in one, you can always just pick two styles and/or two colours. When the big day comes, have them walk down the aisle alternating styles and colours for the perfect amount of variety, yet they will still look coordinated, giving your wedding party the perfect balance. (check out the dickie bows)



A common accessory or hairstyle. If selecting one or two colours is simply not going to work with your wedding party, you still have the option of picking a key accessory or hairstyle. You want something that is unique to the wedding party. This could be anything from a glamorous up do to matching bouquets and pearl necklaces to a matching ribbon tied around the waste. Whatever your choice may be, you want it big enough to be noticeable, yet small enough that every bridesmaid is still unique.

Comfort. Keep in mind the comfort of your wedding party.

While keeping your bridesmaids in mind is important for the big day, you also have to remember that it’s your big day. If the mere thought of having seven bridesmaids all wearing different colours makes you cringe a little, then do not do it. Compromising is important, but, as the bride, you have the right to put your foot down and say what’s what too. Don’t let your big heart make you regret your wedding day decisions years from when you’re looking through old photo albums.

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