The Claremont Hotel.

When Ashgrove Marketing came to us with the new brief for The Claremont Hotel I was excited as it’s was something that I have always wanted to photograph.

Documenting the process is an important element of my style of photography. Your client enjoys seeing what you do, it adds value to your brand but most importantly it puts a face and a story behind what your company does and shows who you are.

A chef is a mixture of artistry and craft.

Wolfgang Puck

The Kitchen.

There was no time for staging or styling and I enjoyed working with that type of pressure of having to get ‘the shot’!

Shooting inside the kitchen with everyone working at full speed was quite something, seeing the chefs cook in a professional kitchen is an endlessly fascinating and an eye-opening experience. I LOVED IT!

Chef Richard was incredible! I could have watched him work all day and never tire of his craftsmanship, his talent and passion is insanely admirable!

Claremont Hotel Chef at work
Claremont Chef frying beef
Claremont Chef cooking in the kitchen

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