We are all creative, but being “a creative” usually refers to someone for whom creativity is their way of income; Photographer, Makeup Artist, Hairdresser, Florist, Stylist! I suppose I always use the term “creatives’ expecting that everyone knows what I mean, the list is endless, but just a few samples of the creatives that I work with most!
Being a creative is a roll coaster of emotions highs, lows and every emotion in between! Seriously we can be quite hard for ourselves. I feel we set expectations of our on work so high that constantly striving for more can be draining, not feeling creative is a HUGE pressure that I know I feel!
Working with a team of liked minded people is like visiting the spa for us, it’s a creative retreat. Time for us to do what we love, surround ourselves with people who face the same fears and struggles that we do! This shoot was just what I needed.

Charlotte vision and organisation brought the team together for this photo shoot. It was a pleasure creating this collection.


Fudge has a contagious smile and alluring beauty, she was the perfect model for this Shoot. Anna styled Fudge’s hair to perfection and created some impressive looks. Charlotte created a flawless base adding some incredible colours to her eyes, and that golden shimmer on her body is divine! Oh and how could I not mention her amazing lips…. Perfection!

If you love what you see and would like more information, please do browse the portrait section on my website for more information.

Model: Fudge
Makeup: Charlotte Easton Isle of Man Makeup Artist
Hair : Anna-Lucia Hair Studio