Weddings are fun, especially if you love to decorate. With the amount of decorating that everything needs, however, some quick and easy centrepieces can be wonderful. Check out these ideas for fabulous centrepieces that still look wonderful!

1.Floating Candles. Pick up some floating candles and colour the water to match the wedding theme. You can put them in wine glasses, candle holders, bowls and anything else that you can put water into. Instead of colouring the water, you can also put flowers or flower petals in the bottom.

2.Sweets. Purchase some cute little containers, or use pretty empty canisters that you already have around the house, and fill them up with coloured sweets. You can bulk buy sweets in specific colours too.

3.Flower Petals. Do the same thing that you would with candy, but with flower petals. These can also be used as an accent. Simply surround flowers or floating candles with a few flower petals or for that extra little touch that will make your centrepiece shine.

4.Vases. If you’re already a little burnt out on candles and flowers, this one may be for you. Arrange different sized vases in a circle and surround them with decorative rocks.

5.Wine Bottles. Decorate wine bottles, or purchase wine bottles that are already decorated. Many of these are pretty enough that they can be their own centrepiece. You can also include candles, flowers or flower petals around the wine bottle for an eye-catching centrepiece.

6.Sand in a Bottle. Sand art was a blast when we were kids, and it still is. Pick your own bottle and layer the sand to complement your wedding theme. This centrepiece is perfect for a beach wedding. Top it off by including a flower or two in the bottle.

7.Candelabra. This centrepiece idea is breathtakingly beautiful. Simply place a Candelabra in the middle of each table.

Wedding Centrepieces  

8.Jam jars. Add some hessian, twine and some flowers. Simple, beautiful and look incredible, add a splash of food colouring to the water for that extra special touch.


9.Use Mirrors. Sitting a beautiful arrangement in the centre of the table is gorgeous, but sitting it on a mirror in the centre of the table adds a certain amount of elegance to an otherwise ordinary centrepiece.

10.Party Favours. This one is not exactly a centrepiece, but if your wedding is tomorrow and you simply are not going to have the centrepieces done in time, you can arrange the wedding party favours for the guests in a cute little circle in the middle of the table instead. It will look good when the guests arrive and are seated.

Centrepieces can be as extravagant or as simple as you would like them to be. Don’t forget that you can mix them up by putting floating candles on half of them and fish bowls on the other half. Wedding centrepieces don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, and they also do not have to be a pain to make. Explore ideas and let your creative side out to play while you have a blast making these wedding centrepieces.


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