If you have dreamt of a romantic wedding on the beach since you were a child, it’s no surprise that you want one now that you’re engaged. Beach weddings are beautiful, the emerald ocean waters make the perfect backdrop for photos, and the scenery itself is relaxing and romantic, making the beach a dream wedding location for many.

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Let’s make this wedding all about you, having a destination wedding may start to feel slightly overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Here are my tips for making your wedding simply beautiful!

Wedding Planner. Most hotels do have a wedding planner who will help you every step of the way from setting the date, to the legal requirements and the full planning and preparation of your wedding day. I strongly recommend getting local advice as each country has different wedding laws.


Colours. Almost any colour combination can go with a beach wedding. Any shade of blue and white is a classic color combination. The blue can be substituted for green or a blue-green, which will look marvelous next to the ocean. These traditional beach wedding colors will work well for a wedding whether it’s formal or informal. If you prefer something outside of the box, you can get rid of blue and green all together. Instead, opt for coral, purple or other vibrant colors. The contrast of the vibrant wedding colors against the sand looks gorgeous. Ivory, silver or gold, and beige will coordinate well with an elegant wedding.



Centrepieces. For centrepieces, go with flowers, seashells or colourful rocks, and candles. Just fill a small glass vase with various seashells and tie a ribbon around it that coordinates with your wedding colors. Another great idea is to put a white candle in the middle of each table on a colored piece of fabric. Then, Surround the candle with either seashells or colorful rocks
Decorations. If you’re in a rush to decorate for your beach wedding, remember that white linen and candles go with everything. White linen table clothes with a candle centerpiece will look simple yet elegant.


Beach weddings are the perfect wedding location whether you want a casual wedding with a few friends or a beautiful evening surrounded by a hundred people. Whether your beach wedding is last minute or two years away, these are some great ideas to get you headed towards planning a beach wedding.

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