Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Vendor

Wedding vendors are just like wedding dresses. There are different styles, prices and personalities to suit different weddings. With the wedding vendors you’ll need, such as a caterers, a florist, etc. it can be difficult to decide what you want in a wedding vendor.

Follow these tips to make sure that your wedding is exactly how you pictured it.

Have a Flexible Budget
While you may not want to spend thousands of pounds over budget, it’s important to be realistic. If you created a budget for your wedding, you might find that you priced the reception far below what it will cost. This is why it’s important to have a bit of flexibility in your wedding budget.

While it’s important to allow a little bit of flexibility in a budget, the keyword is a little bit. If the flowers or food you would like is well above the budget, a resourceful vendor may be able to help you find an alternative. You want a vendor that will work with you and your budget, not against it.

When you go to meet with vendors, pay attention to their personality. Are they friendly? Do they try to tell you what you should buy? If the wedding vendor gets on your nerves when you first meet them, you will be ready to scream by the time the big day arrives. Make sure that their personality meshes well with yours to guarantee that your wedding comes out exactly how you pictured it and runs smoothly.

You do not want to hire someone that does not communicate well. Instead, look for a vendor that is open to suggestions, has a few of their own and truly works with you to make the big day as magical as possible. Lack of communication can lead to a less than perfect wedding and unnecessary stress.

Contact Their References
When chatting with vendors, ask for recent clients that they have worked with. You want to make sure that the references are recent. Their staff may have changed significantly in the past three years. After you have a list, make sure to take the time to call them and ask how the service was. If a previous bride had a horrendous experience, she more than likely wouldn’t want for you to go through the same thing.

Write it Down
As you meet each wedding vendor, jot down notes in a notebook. Write down what you like and what you don’t. After you meet them all, this can help you make the final decision to guarantee that you choose a wedding vendor that you love.
Choosing a wedding vendor can seem like a time-consuming chore, but keep in mind that there is a wedding vendor for every style of every wedding, just like there is a style of wedding dress designed for every body type. Follow these tips for choosing a wedding vendor to make sure that your day runs smoothly.

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