Sure, some girls feel that a guy getting them while they get a sparkling diamond is a fair trade off. Other girls feel that the guy should get a present too. If you fall in the latter group, this blog post is for you. The problem is that some guys can be a pain to shop for. If you’re feeling more than clueless about what to get your guy for his engagement present, check out this list of the top 12 engagement gifts for 2015/2016.

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1. A new television. Whether your man already has one or not, he’ll appreciate an upgrade. Pick him up a television that is bigger than the one he already has, or upgrade to a smart TV.

2. Sports tickets. Surprise him with tickets to see his favorite team.

3. Support his fandom. Whether he loves Supernatural, Walking Dead, Star Wars or something else, he’ll love an awesome gift basket full of things from his favorite fandom.

4. Management ring. This is the guys’ version of an engagement ring. Not all guys like wearing them, though, so make sure your groom to be will love it before you start shopping. Get it engraved on the inside for an extra special touch.

5. A new pet. If he’s been thinking about a new pit bull puppy or snake, pick him one up and surprise him with it. Just make sure it’s not a pet you will regret later on.

6. Man cave accessories. If your man is already working on his man cave, look at what else he needs for it. A new gaming system, furniture or wall décor are all great gift ideas.

7. Cycling gear. If your man loves cycling, he will love to unwrap anything bike related.

8. Customised cuff links. Customised cuff links are great for professional men. You can get cuff links engraved to say sweet or inspiring messages. These are also a great idea for the big day!

9. A new phone. If your man is in desperate need of an upgrade, help him out and surprise him with a new phone! He’ll appreciate it, and you already know that he will use it.

10. His favorite scotch or whiskey. If your fiancée loves his whiskey or scotch, pick up a nice bottle of his favorite. Customised labels make this gift a bit more fun and personal.


If girls get a beautiful engagement ring, it’s only fair that the guys get an awesome engagement present too. Put some thought into what your significant other will like, and then start shopping. Then, make a day of it. Treat him to his favorite meal, a gift wrapped present and then a night to remember. He’s guaranteed to fall in love with you all over again.