Being a bridesmaid can be a bit stressful. Bridesmaids, along with the maid of honor, are supposed to help plan the wedding. This can include everything from cake tasting to making party favors. Bridesmaids are an important part of the team. For girls that have never had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid, this can all be a bit unexpected. New bridesmaids may not be clear on what exactly their role is as a bridesmaid. To ace the role of being the best bridesmaid, just follow these 6 tips and you won’t have to worry about the bride turning into a bridezilla.

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1.This has nothing to do with you. I know, that sounded a bit harsh, but it’s the truth. The wedding has nothing to do with the bridesmaids, and everything to do with the bride. Even if you hate your dress, the color scheme is the ugliest thing you have ever laid eyes on, and the catering company is not one that you would have picked in a million years: keep your opinions to yourself. If the bride loves it, so do you. Everyone that looks at pictures will know you didn’t pick the dress out so don’t feel too self-conscious if it’s horrid.

2.Encourage get-togethers. If no one else is taking charge, speak up and plan a few get-togethers with the other bridesmaids and maid of honor to help out with the little things. Little things like making party favors, wrapping silverware, making centerpieces, etc. can all add up and definitely add to the stress of a wedding. It will be a lot faster and easier on everyone if the entire wedding team pitches in.

3.Make sure the dress still fits. Bridesmaid dresses are sometimes picked out months in advance. Try on the dress a few times as the big day draws closer to avoid any wardrobe problems. Last minute weight gain or loss will require alterations to the dress, or you may wind up not being a bridesmaid.

4.Provide emotional support. Once again, weddings can be time-consuming and a hassle. When the bride feels like ripping her hair out, she probably just needs a person to vent to, or talk to. Pick up the phone every once in a while just to see how she’s doing with everything.

5.Be nice and get along with the other bridesmaids. This will make everything from planning the shower to making those party favors more enjoyable for everyone. Get everyone’s phone number or e-mail so you can stay in contact.

6.Save now. Often, bridesmaids pay for their own dress, shoes, part of the hen-do, or part of the bridal shower, etc. As soon as you’re asked to be a bridesmaid, start taking a little bit out of each paycheck so that you can deal with the cost of being a bridesmaid instead of being stressed out when you have to pay out all of that money at once.

Being a great friend is one thing. Being a great bridesmaid is taking that “great friend” role to a whole separate level. Often, wedding planning can be stressful for the entire wedding party, not just the couple. If you stay organised and follow these six little tips, everything will run much smoother; from the day you’re asked to be a bridesmaid up until the big day.

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