You’ve just got engaged, congratulations!

Here are my top tips for announcing your engagement and most of all making it stress-free and enjoyable.

Be sure to tell your parents and family first, we all now how quickly things can get shared on Facebook and twitter. Telling them first will mean so much to them.

Everyone will be asking to see your beautiful engagement ring. Make sure you keep those hands and nails pretty with regular manicures. It’s your chance to experiment with colours and get to know your manicurist. I highly recommend Shellac manicure, it’s a smudge-proof nail colour that lasts for weeks without chipping.

Engagement Isle of Man


You will be inundated with text, tweets and facebook messages. Your engagement may start to feel a bit overwhelming, plan a date night at your favourite restaurant, where the two of you can sit back, enjoy and celebrate your engagement.

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