Richard Cryer.Professional Photographer

My name is Richard Cryer and I’m a highly sought after, multi award winning, full time professional photographer based on the Isle of Man.

Richard Cryer

My photographic career began around ten years ago, alongside my talented partner Sarah, when we launched our highly successful wedding photography business. After training in lighting skills with one of the most renowned UK photographers we developed a distinctive photographic style that saw us shooting weddings across Europe as well as here in the Isle of Man.

Our bold and dynamic wedding style also brought us to the attention of creative agencies looking for high quality images with a stylish flair. The demand for our commercial photography grew until it eventually became the primarily focus of our business. I bring my extensive lighting knowledge and ability to interpret a brief, Sarah brings her unique image editing skills and together as Jewell Photography we provide a top quality commercial photography service to a broad spectrum of clients.

If you are a large organisation working on a global campaign I’ll work with you to translate your existing creative brief into a powerful set of images, co-ordinating your shoot list, directing your team and providing technical input. If you are a small business without a creative team I will work alongside you to help define your brand and audience. I’ll be with you all the way from your tiniest spark of an idea right through to the delivery of a final portfolio of highly polished, dynamic, professional photography to elevate your brand.

Regardless of the size of your business you can trust that your campaign will benefit from my strong set of technical and creative skills. I have an in depth understanding of light that means I am equally at home working with available light or photographic lighting set ups. My experience in wedding photography means that I’m confident in guiding people in posing and am able to make them feel at ease and look their best in front of the camera.

As Jewell Photography, myself and Sarah pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, premium quality images and a fast turnaround. We create bespoke image portfolios that give you a visual presence consistent with your brand and help you stand out from the crowd online and in print.



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