In today’s modern world, creating a wedding website is becoming more popular. There are a lot of questions that go hand in hand with creating a website, though. What’s the point of making one? What should you include on your website? How do you make it useful? If you aren’t used to making websites, it can seem overwhelming, but wedding websites continue to increase in popularity due to the convenience they offer both the happy couple and the guests. Several companies specialise in easy to use website templates that make setting up a website a breeze.

The Benefits of Creating a Wedding Website

Creating your personal website may seem like another thing to do, but this one can be fun, and it will save you time in the long run. There are many benefits that can come from a useful wedding website. Modern, efficient brides will appreciate all of these benefits:

Save money. Once you create a website, you can use the website to create an online invitation. This will save you money in the long run and make your wedding more environmentally friendly.

Save time. Creating a wedding web page will instantly begin to save you time. Include a RSVP section for guests to say they are coming instead of spending hours on the phone, an online invite will save you from the tedious task of stuffing envelopes, and you can easily inform the entire guest list of changes made by just updating your wedding page.

Keep in touch. Keeping in touch with the whole wedding party can be a bit of a hassle. A wedding web site will allow you to easily send and receive messages from guests and the wedding party.

Your registry will be easier. Simply link your web page to your registry and BOOM you’re done with all of that.

Plenty of room for details. There is simply not enough room on those little detail cards that you are supposed to put on invitations. Instead, create a section specifically for the details. Include a map with the location of venues and where to park to make things easier for guests that are not familiar with the area, times, details about the reception and anything else that might be important for guests. For example, if there will only be cake served at the reception, guests will want to know that they need to eat first.
What to Include

What to Include
There are a lot of options on what to include on your web page. There are the obvious details of the wedding, but there are a few other things you can include that will be fun for you and the guests, and will give it a more personal touch. Here are some great ideas to get your mind going.

Biographies. Include a bio section for both you and the groom. Some guests may only know one or the other, or maybe you need to catch up with friends and family that live far away. Either way, it’s all about you and the groom, so a bio section is a nice little touch.

Proposal. Everyone loves to hear the proposal story. If you have pictures go ahead and post them, and then take the time to tell everyone the story of how the two of you met and a little bit about the proposal.

Gallery. Include pictures of the happy couple, children, the wedding party, proposal or anything else that you want! It’s your wedding, and your wedding website, so have fun customizing it to tell your wedding all about you and your partner!

What about privacy?
Privacy is a big concern with many soon to be brides when it comes to their wedding. Whether you’re trying to avoid a psychotic ex on your wedding day or you simply don’t want your co-workers to know that they aren’t invited because you secretly hate them, a lot of people want to keep their wedding web page private. Many companies that offer wedding web pages also offer the option to protect the web page with a password that will only allow people with the password to access the website. You can also block Google from picking up your website so it won’t show in search results. Another great option is to get a separate email and google voice number just for the wedding web page in case privacy is still a concern.
Wedding websites can be very useful for modern brides as they save time, money and are eco-friendly. You don’t have to be tech savvy to build your website. A simple google search will help you find a company to transform your ideas into reality with a beautiful, useful website to assist you in planning your wedding and keeping in contact with your wedding party. Take a day, break out the old photos, and have fun with your new wedding project!

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