At some point, you reach catering and tot up the number of guests that shall be there, and then think ‘Do I need to feed my wedding photographer?’.
It’s a very common question that always seems to pop up, and the answer can vary depending on your photographer!

We like to find a corner! Start backing up the images and get the batteries charged for the first dance and the cutting of the cake!
We always have a packed lunch and lots of goodies to keep our energy up throughout the day! (I do love my food especially sweets, chocolate, so I have lots of nibbles) If the wedding is at a hotel, we’ll sit in the bar and order a hot meal.

It’s a good idea to discuss this with your photographer and give them the option. They may love to join you for your meal or just prefer to sit in the car with their sandwiches, so do find out what works best for them.

We photograph guests mingling, but once the food comes out we leave the guests to enjoy, who wants to have their picture taken while they’re eating.. not me!

We have photographed many wedding and have been totally honoured that our clients have wanted us to join them at their meal, and sit with their friends. But we’re happy to hide out the way and take a breather.



So I haven’t answered whether you should feed your photographer or not, it totally just depends on your photographer but just ask them.

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