This is your family shoot…. right? So why do what everyone else is doing. It’s great inspiration from other people photo shoots, and I’ll admit I’m totally obsessed with Pinterest! But you need to have pictures that are special to you and your family. You’re not only have a family photo shoot, but the experience itself is a memory that you will be creating together. Make it fun and most importantly make it all about you!

Things to consider:

Where do you like to go? What do you like to do?
If your family likes going to the beach and the children, love to skim stones. Then that there perfect place to go.

photography iom

“Family” isn’t limited to two legs, I know how big a role our four legged friends play in our lives. Some of my best memories were created at the yard with my horses; there is no better environment for your photo shoot somewhere you LOVE. A wide open field family snuggles in the hay barn remember this when considering your locations.


Dress for the environment and be you. Don’t wear clothes that you dislike or don’t feel comfortable. Autumn is my favorite time of the year for photo shoot’s the light is gorgeous and the colour spectacular. It gives so many options to change up your look by simply adding a cute hat knitted mittens or a big chunky scarf.

photography iom

I would love to know some of your favourite places to visit on the Island, and where you would pick for your family photo shoot.

If you would like any information about a photo shoot for your family, please do get in touch.