Top 10 Hen Party Ideas Isle of Man 
Planning a Hen party can be fun, but it can also be a bit stressful. Going the traditional route of having a stripper and several Jägerbombs is still a great idea, but there are a lot of not so common ideas that can add a little something extra special to the big night for the bride to be. For some amazing ideas, check out these top 10 hen party ideas!

Hen party Isle of Man

1.Spa day. Whisk away the bride to be for a mani, pedi and facial. It’s the perfect way to relax before the big day.

2.Glamping. This girly version of camping is the perfect getaway for any soon to be bride that loves the outdoors.
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3.Add a personal touch. Taking a class, no matter what it is. It will be a blast when you do it with friends. Take a minute to think about her personal interests and plan something just for her. I highly recommend one of The Flower Shop workshops you could even create gorgeous items together for the big day.

Heart & Star Workshop | Isle of Man
The Hearts & Stars Workshop | The Flower Studio

4.A Sleepover. Sometimes, with all of the planning, all a bride to be wants to do is chill with her girls. Hen parties don’t always have to be a crazy night on the town full of secrets to never be revealed. Rent some movies, pop some popcorn and maybe make some Jelly shots.

5.Pick a theme, decorate the house and then go all out with some party games that go with the theme.

6.Paintballing, mountain biking, riding Segways, etc. If you read that line right there and instantly thought of your best friend, there’s your hen party. If the bride isn’t a girly girl, don’t plan a hen party for one.
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7.Road Trip. This one is more of a weekend thing instead of a one-night thing, but it can be a blast. It’s something everyone sees in the movies, and always wants to do. Grab the bridesmaids, rent a car or campervan, pick up some snacks and hit the road for a weekend. Take the bride to another city that you know she’ll love, and don’t tell her where you’re going until you get there.

8.Do you like cooking? Why not book a course with Vivaldi Catering. If you like me and a fan of eating you can arrange for them to cook for you! Both options are great!

9.Cocktail making, have some fun making and drinking your own cocktails.

10.Pub Crawl. If you don’t know what a pub crawl is, simply re-read that name. You go from bar to bar drinking a little at every one. The reason for the crawl part is that you are usually so drunk by the end of the night you’re crawling to the last bar. Find a street with a long string of bars so no one is driving and make a bet to see who the last one standing will be!

Hen parties have come a long way from just getting a stripper and wearing L plates. Whether the bride to be simply isn’t into strippers or you know she’ll roll her eyes at all of the cheesy penis gifts that seem to go hand in hand with hen parties, one of these ideas is guaranteed to fit her. So think a little outside of the box and give the bride to be a night (or day) she will never forget.