You’re planning a winter wedding, so I’m guessing you know and expect it to be cold, maybe raining or even snowing. Unlike summer, when everyone can mingle outside, keeping winter wedding guests happy & warm requires a little extra planning.
Have you considered having your ceremony and reception venues very near to each other? This will make transport easier, in the case of bad weather.

If this isn’t an option don’t worry, with my handy tips planning your winter wedding will be a cosy affair!

Getting to the Venue

  • Vintage cars don’t always have great heating; my advice would be to carry a jacket or blanket with you.
  •  Ask your car hire about their contingency plan if the roads are icy. It’s always best to know now!

The Venue

  • High heels + slush = slippiness avoid any dramas by making sure there is an all-weather mat for guests to wipe their shoes on.
  • Have a designated place for your guest to put their coats scarves, umbrellas.
  • If you’re having a Marquee wedding, definitely make sure you order heat lamps. Place them around the room and have blankets available to your guests.
  • Hot drinks! Stave off those winter chills with something hot to drink. Mulled wine, hot toddies, have you tried a Winter Pimms?
  • Candles…. Go crazy! They will bring warmth to your venue, and make it look and feel romantic.
    Have them in the aisles for the ceremony, driveways and staircases of the venue, use them as part of the table centrepieces, have them everywhere and anywhere you are able too.

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If you would like any help or would like to chat, please get in touch.