Winter weddings bring a lot of photography challenges, and to be fair so do summer weddings. By knowing some simple tips will ensure your not left out in the cold posing for pictures that simply won’t work!
Rain and strong winds blowing outside, so not only ruining your hair but will leave you feeling miserable and if you’re miserable this will be shown in your pictures. Having a plan and a backup plan with the guarantee you’ll prepared for the elements.

Winter wedding don’t have to be dark and gloomy. We know it gets darker earlier so why not plan around this.
1. Plan the wedding schedule so that you can have outdoor photos. It is better to take the group shots outdoors using natural light and lots of space. 12 o’clock ceremony is ideal for making the most of the light.

(don’t panic we have a backup plan too, we can’t light formals indoors using flash, and they will look BEAUTIFUL)

Winter Wedding Isle of Man


2. Have a venue that has space to take group shots/ formals in case the weather isn’t great. Plan a visit with your photographer if you’re not too sure and want any advice.

3. Explore a location carefully for where you would like your portraits. Consider a spot that is very close to the building. We don’t mind photographing in the rain, having an umbrella and a bridesmaid who will help you with your dress will make it much easier.

Winter wedding photography can be tricky, but if done correctly, can give you some breathtaking wedding pictures.

Oh this one is a beauty, and take notes! BRIDESMAIDS…. Who to choose and more importantly… who not to!

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